7304 days …

… Moment, we had that recently?

It’s not an accidental repetition, but the next ISW employee can look back on 7304 days or 20 years of service. ISW employee Karsten Boll was able to crack this brand in March 2021.

He, too, accompanied the company from the early stages with a few employees up to its current size with a lot of commitment. During this time, he has handled a large number of projects and developments of all sizes.

Unfortunately, here too, the Corona pandemic, with its necessary security measures, prevented the fact that there was a company meeting to honour the anniversary. But digitally, everyone was able to express their congratulations and the company management personally thanked by managing director Thomas Wichmann. On behalf of all members of the Executive Board, as well as colleagues, he combined the congratulations with the hope of continuing to work on many interesting topics together and bringing them to a good conclusion.