About us

Whether data matrix code, clear reader reading tasks or customer-specific image processing
THE INDUSTRIAL SENSORSYSTEMS WICHMANN GMBH has been your competent partner for sophisticated image processing solutions for more than 27 years.

We define, analyse and sample complex tasks from industry and trade at all process stages. With over 8,000 installed systems, we have literally proven our competence, quality and reliability thousands of times.

In addition to the technical realization and the hardware selected in consultation with the customer, ISW GmbH also offers the support of complete projects. From the analysis to the creation of individual solution concepts, if necessary also including the required mechanical engineering, highly qualified employees of our team choose and lead the right solution concept for you on more than 1100 sqm of business space. From.

We have made it our mission to support our customers exclusively with fully functional solutions and our best possible support as a partner. For this purpose, we also have regularly trained partners at our disposal. Together with our partners, no tasks are too complicated or unusual for us. What is feasible is offered in good conscience, without having to fear that the application will prove to be flawed in everyday life. Reading rates of over 99% speak for themselves.

The image processing systems of ISW GmbH and the use of Data Matrix Codes enable the customers of machine processing to optimize new and existing production lines. In order to continue to provide quality, flexibility, speed and also traceability for individual parts, which are still installed in the current market with strong competition and constant price expectations, image processing systems and data matrix codes can no longer be imagined in the future.


The development of ISW GmbH


  • Retrofitting of a number of production lines in pharmaceutical companies
  • Delivery of further BOBA system solutions for checkout tables in supermarkets to avoid the spread of unpaid goods
  • Recertification according to DIN ISO 9001:015
  • Construction and delivery of spinneret inspection systems
  • Construction and delivery of a PALC unit to the pharmaceutical industry (Package Aggregation Line Controller unit)
  • Construction and delivery of an IPAC unit to the pharmaceutical industry (Inline Package and Aggregation Controller unit)
  • Construction of an inspection system for motorcycle helmet blanks for wall thickness measurement (3D sensors)
  • Delivery and implementation of the portal system for the inspection of convertible tops
  • Continuation and expansion of the strategy in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, so far with very high success: no illnesses among employees and contacts
  • … To be continued


  • Retrofitting of a number of production lines in pharmaceutical companies
  • Installation of 3D image processing solutions in manufacturing plants for plastic housings for car radar sensors
  • Construction of a pick & place solution for frozen confectionery for a well-known manufacturer
  • Solutions for tube packaging in the pharmaceutical industry: position detection, code checking
  • Construction and delivery of a spinneret microscope for the inspection of spinnerets
  • Shooting of a film about ISW GmbH by NDR and broadcast in the Schlewig-Holstein Magazine
  • Construction and delivery of a 3D inspection system for artificial bits to develop optimal toothbrushes
  • Construction and delivery of a 4-90 test facility to the pharmaceutical industry (all-round inspection of rotationally symmetrical products)
  • Conversion and delivery of an inspection system for rubber seals in continuous circulation
  • Construction and delivery of an SMAT system to the pharmaceutical industry (Smart Manual Aggrgation Table)
  • Delivery of several thousand BOBA system solutions for checkout tables in supermarkets to avoid the spread of unpaid goods
  • Construction of a gantry system for the inspection of convertible tops for the automotive industry (robot-assisted / 3D sensors)
  • Construction and delivery of a 3D inspection system for carrier parts in the automotive industry
  • Introduction of a stringent strategy to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic, expansion of digitization


  • Expansion of production capacities for large-scale projects — Opening of Plant 2
  • Deliver a range of serialization and aggregation solutions, both software and hardware
  • Takeover of a major robotics project abroad
  • Increased use of 3D applications
  • Execution of the ISW in-house trade fair with excellent response and the largest number of participants in the company’s history to date
  • Tv coverage of ISW on the regional television of the NDR (see our “News”)


  • Development and construction of a measuring system for checking various parameters on continuous belts for cable ties in production cycle.
  • Construction and delivery of various Track & Trace solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Further series production and delivery of BOBA systems.
  • Construction and delivery of a special grading system for DMC codes that can also work on curved surfaces.
  • Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
  • Participation in VISION 2018 with great response


  • Installation of solar cells on the roof of the building to increase the energy efficiency of the company and – in addition to the green natural roof of the old building – as a further expression of the environmental awareness of ISW GmbH.
  • Series production of BOBA systems in significant quantities and delivery to a customer’s locations all over the world.
  • Development and finalization of a high-precision optical measuring system for brake pads for commercial vehicles. The system replaces a tactile 3D coordinate measuring machine and automates the process with significantly increased throughput.


  • Development and delivery of several customer-specific track & trace and inspection systems for various customers in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Development of a software solution for the pharmaceutical industry to connect different production lines to a central system that also assigns unique codes (fuse against counterfeit products).
  • Development of software solutions for the traceable aggregation of products in the pharmaceutical industry.


  • Development and production of a compact measuring machine for the fully automated determination of up to 12 parameters of a product in a very short time at very high
  • Accuracy. Production and delivery of 11 such machines.
  • Conversion of the conservatory between old and new buildings to more production area, extension by 100m2. Development and production of automated inventory solutions for high-bay warehouses. Production and delivery of more than 70 of these products. 2014
    Delivery of further series plants for the pharmaceutical industry and development of a retail solution (BOBA).


  • Constructions of first series solutions for serialization of products in the pharmaceutical industry and delivery of first plants.
  • Tobias Wichmann and Stefan Tukac receive procura.


  • DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 Certification
  • Installations of plants in Australia, China and India


  • The first “in-house fair” in the ISW premises is successfully held.
  • First solutions for customers in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Start of production of the first complete systems and systems.


  • ISW becomes a partner of Microscan and Motorola.


  • ISW becomes Preferred Siemens Solution Partner.


  • Approximately 5000 installed systems in the area of DataMatrixCode, recognition and image processing.
  • Major order from the company DAF NL for a tracing concept of the new engine series.
  • Sponsorship of the “HSV Handball” and support of the local youth handball.


  • Continuous further development in the core business.


  • Expansion of activities in the South area through on-site sales and service.


  • ISW has installed over 1100 custom Data Matrix reading points.


  • New construction of a company building and connection to the existing company building, expansion of the operating area to 1100m2.
  • Foundation of the SVRC (Symbology and Vision Research Center) by ISW with leading manufacturers in the fields of marking, coding and vision for the holistic offer of Auto ID solutions.
  • Expansion of ISW’s facilities to 1100m2.


  • Construction of own company building in Kölln-Reisiek.
  • Relocation of the ISW to Kölln-Reisiek in The Farmers Ring 1 and expansion of the operating area to 520 m2.


  • Change of name of the merger into RVSI (Robot Vision Systems Inc.) and first listing on the stock exchange. Presentation of the in-house developed high-speed image processing system for the tobacco industry by ISW.
  • Focus the ISW on Data Matrix applications.


  • Acuity Imaging acquires I.D. Matrix (developer of the Data Matrix Code), Computer Identics (barcode scanner), Northeast Robotics (NERLITE lighting technology) and Vanguard (market leader in electronics soldering machines).


  • IsW equips production lines with image processing solutions and commissioning for worldwide export.
  • Relocation of the ISW to Elmshorn in Marie Curie Street and extension of the operating area to 250 m2.


  • First Data Matrix application of ISW; First customer Johnson & Johnson in Kiel.
  • Relocation of the ISW to Elmshorn in Fritz-Straßmann-Straße and expansion of the operating area to 120 m2.
  • Transfer of the ISW to a GmbH.


  • Foundation of ISW GmbH in Elmshorn on 80 m2 of operating space; Sales and application development for the Itran image processing systems.
  • Merger of Itran with the image processing provider Automatix into Acuity Imaging; Development of the vision processing platform Visionscape.