Fresh air …

… i.e. constant air exchange is a good and recommended remedy for infection with the Corona virus in enclosed spaces.

As is now known, the virus is more often transmitted via aerosols, which occur during speech or exhalation. The fine droplets float in the air for a long time and carry the virus with them. Now, however, it takes a certain amount of viruses to reach infection. Thus, if the concentration in the room air is kept low, the risk of contagion is significantly reduced. The solution: The air in the room must be constantly exchanged for fresh air.

At ISW GmbH, therefore, new air exchange elements have been installed in the offices, which permanently provide air exchange. In addition to airing through the windows, another way to keep the concentration of possible pathogens as low as possible. Of course, this also helps with other pathogens, such as flu viruses and especially in the cold season.

In addition, the ISW hygiene concept of course strictly observes compliance with the AHA rules (distance – hygiene – everyday masks). So far, we have come through the pandemic well and can continue to process your orders with full commitment.

Stay healthy!