Now that the announced events have come to an end with great success and extremely positive feedback from the participants, we would like to hold a small reading at this point:

The image processing workshops of our partner Stemmer Imaging GmbH took place with high participation and in a well organized framework. All participants expressed themselves positively about the knowledge conveyed and stated that they could approach the coming topics with new know-how. Many thanks to the employees of Stemmer, who gave their best on both days: Mr. Fermum and Dr. Henzler!

The annual ISW in-house exhibition “Open Lab 2016” was embedded in the aforementioned workshops and took place under the best – also climatic – conditions.

ISW managing director Thomas Wichmann welcomed the participants in his opening speech with the promise of many novelties, but also took the opportunity to refer to almost 25 years of ISW and technology history and to prove this with some tangible examples. There was early communication technology to be seen as well as still quite bulky cameras and complementary products.

The following day ran smoothly according to the plan, a special thanks to the organisation team, which had prepared everything excellently and also ensured the smooth running of the day! This year, the “Wolfswache” team took care of the physical well-being on all days, offering “pulled meat” in a special roll with a variety of dressings and encores in its own food truck: in everyone’s opinion an absolute pleasure.

At the end of the day all participants had experienced many new things and were very satisfied to have come to Kölln-Reisiek. We would also like to thank the speakers: Messrs Fermum and Dr Henzler von Stemmer, Mr Linden from GS1 and Mr Müllender from KBA metronic.

Thomas Wichmann concluded the event with a summary speech and thanks to the participants and speakers. Together with his wife and co-director Angelika Wichmann and the whole team he was looking forward to the next year. Perhaps we will meet again earlier at VISION 2016 in Stuttgart for upcoming tasks? We would be delighted!