Video on the ISW Internal Fair 2019

Have a look on the fair´s special atmosphere! See for yourself!

Review of the ISW In-house trade fair 2019

This year’s ISW in-house trade fair has broken all records: the most participants of all time, the biggest applications of all time, the greatest development density of all time – and if we have seen it correctly: also the greatest fun of all time!

In any case, we have concluded this from the feedback of the participants. Tenor: it has always been interesting to visit the ISW in-house fair, but this year …

Of course, we are very pleased that our concentrated efforts were well received by the visitors in advance! This gives us the impetus not to let up in our efforts.

To the point: a total of around 80 people had to be looked after and supplied as customers, suppliers and employees. The latter was mastered excellently by our caterer with his rustic “Meatwagen”.

After the opening speech by Tobias Wichmann and a few moody additions by Thomas Wichmann, we went into the first round of lectures. “Neuronal networks in image processing” and “Mobile robotics in the factory of the future” gave an insight into the future of manufacturing. Fittingly, a small robot made its autonomous rounds and showed live what will be possible in the production area in the future: relief of employees of transport tasks and concentration on value-adding processes. Exciting!

Afterwards, a bus was at the door, which took everyone to ISW Plant 2, where is currently also the largest development project of the ISW: a robot-supported sensor-optical measuring system for a variety of production parameters on convertible ceilings. Stylish was of course to check this on a high-quality finished vehicle with top. After a corresponding lecture on the “Robot Success Story” and breastfeeding of physical needs, we went back to the Farmers Ring for the second round of lectures.

One thing was not neglected: personal communication. Especially in times of digital communication and media, it became clear that a personal contact can be replaced by nothing and that the basis of any trusting relationship is: whether you are a customer, supplier or cooperation partner.

In this sense, after the last lectures, there was still a lot of talk and chatter, before all the – sometimes still long – journey home began.

We are already looking forward to the next in-house trade fair in 2021!

Finally, in addition to all ISW participants, we would like to thank the speakers for their excellent efforts, without which such exciting topics would not have been possible (in alphabetical order):

Steffen Grzymutzki, Wenglor

Jörg Krause, Omron and

Robert A. Windberger, IDS.

We are very happy: our in-house trade fair on 13.11.2019 meets with very high interest, currently all seats are fully booked.

See you with exciting topics and interesting demonstrations in Kölln-Reisiek!

If you are prevented from doing so in the short term: please let us know, maybe someone will be able to move on. Thank you!

We had already announced it: for our in-house fair on 13.11.2019 in Kölln-Reisiek there are only a few places left.

If you’re still thinking, please make a decision soon! The number of available seats is limited, we can’t make any further reservations later!

And another request for fairness: if you are prevented at short notice despite the promise: let us know, then another person from the waiting list can use the place. Thank you for that!

We say to all those already registered: we look forward to your interest and to an exciting day together!

Internal Fair 2019

On Nov.,13, 2019, in week 46, our internal fair will take place again.

In the meantime the agenda has been fnished. Besides personal contacts, you will find a lot of actual issues: robotics, deep learning, AI, …. all of these also to be experienced in a most practical way. Register asap, the last ones have to wait outside ;-)! Melden Sie sich rechtzeitig an, die Letzten müssen draussen warten. ;-)

We’re looking forward to you as our guests as well as to an inspiring internal fair! See you soon!

If you want to register in a spontaneous way: follow the link below!

Internal Fair 2019

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We’re looking forward to you as our guests as well as to an inspiring internal fair! See you soon!