ISW goes digital …

… at full steam. Over the 29 years that the company has existed so far, tons of documents have accumulated, many with legal retention periods. This leads to immense space requirements that can be used elsewhere. Old files, which could perhaps still be used, must be stored in storage rooms. If you really need them, the effort is great to search in the many folders – and not always in a short range. Reason enough to archive the documents only digitally for some time now – of course provided with appropriate backup systems. And older documents are now successively scanned and are therefore also available digitally. This will continue.

The space and the empty shelves can be quickly used for other purposes. But what do you do with the many empty folders and document systems? Throwing away would mean polluting the environment, and many are still in the best condition. The ISW managers had a good idea: reuse elsewhere. For example, 200 folders, an interactive whiteboard and many filing registers found a new place in the kindergarten in Kölln-Reisiek. They were very happy about the donation!

So everyone is helped and the materials continue to be used. A classic win-win situation!