A solution for checking product characteristics for presence and location on rotationally symmetrical bodies. Further check codes and clarifications for presence and correctness.


Round packaging containing product labels and other labelling features (sometimes also required by law) is used in various industries. Furthermore, depending on the use, characteristics such as nozzles, seals, etc. may be on the product. Codes of various kinds (strich, QR, Data Matrix, …) can also be available.

The products are retracted into the machine (usually by a conveyor belt). An integrated belt takes over the products and transports them through the system. At a suitable location, a 4-camera body is used to record footage of a 90-degree segement. An ISW-developed software combines these images into a single one, which seamlessly shows the 360 degree flattening of the round body and evaluates them according to specifications.

The system can be trained to the desired parameters, the test parameters are stored as “recipes” and can be reloaded product-specific. It is thus possible to check the presence and location of product characteristics, such as labels up to e.g. spray nozzles on bottles with liquid contents. Furthermore, codes (such as barcodes, QR and data matrix codes), but also clear fonts can be recognized and evaluated. This is particularly important in the pharmaceutical industry.