BOBA – Bottom of basket agent

Our Task:

Goods are often placed onto the lowest shelf of the shopping cart. Normally, in the paying zone this can’t be looked upon. It’s the same thing with small amounts of small goods in the basket. They can easily be overseen. This results in cosiderable finacial losses of the supermarket over a period of time.

Our solution:

The Bottom of Basket Agent (BOBA)! Built as a passive surveillance system, it starts a camera when the cart enters the paying zone. A photo of the bottom of the cart as well as of the cart’s basket is taken. The photo is visualized to the cashier on his/her display. He/she can recognize if goods are left on the bottom shelf or in the basket. He/she can finish the procedure using the system’s clearance button on the display. So, financial losses of supermarkets can be reduced substantially, even to zero.

Qualität is our claim! Especially with products manufactured in big quantities! Thus, we developed for BOBA a sophisticated routine to leave nothing to chance during the manufacturing process. Have a look!