Location and code control on pharmaceutical tubes

When filling blisters with pharmaceutical products packed in collapsible tubes, unfilled nests can be created in the blister. In the manufacturing process, therefore, it is important to ensure that such an error does not happen. In addition, a mixing of products within a batch must be prevented.
With the tube control system, based on several cameras and a special lighting, this can be ensured in the clock of the system.
The inspection system consists essentially of a retaining and traversing frame, which is mounted over the conveyor belt and contains the inspection unit, as well as a touch panel for operating the software developed by ISW.
The function is to check whether

  • are available in packaging units (blisters) tubes and
  • whether a readable data matrix code can be found at the given location.

If not, appropriate alarms and the transfer of IO/NIO status to subsequent machines will ensure that NIO products are removed.
Within a bar, a blister width is pushed under the inspection unit. The blisters can contain different amounts of tubes.
A blister array (3 blisters side by side) is checked for correctness of the data of the DMC code.