Novelis Deutschland GmbH, a manufacturer of pressed aluminium shells that serve as food containers in many areas, has 100% control during the manufacturing process. The shells must always be tight and keep to the contours: on the one hand, so that food cannot leak or be contaminated from the outside, and on the other hand, in order to always fit into the storage, transport and, if necessary, warm-up containers.

Thanks to advanced image processing solutions from ISW -including own software-, the manufacturer has been able to test its products for some time now at 100% in production cycle. Faulty products are immediately discarded and recycled. An efficient and secure process with which Novelis is highly satisfied.

A report by ISW partner Stemmer Imaging AG describes the system in detail. The button below allows you to easily reach the page. Via the second button you can view a report on the topic in the “Computer & Automation” 9/2019.

On the left you can watch a video of our partner Stemmer Imaging AG about the system directly, via the button below on our YouTube channel.