In the fastening and cable management industry, cable ties are manufactured in a wide variety of shapes as well as continuous belts for automated applications.

In the practical application, the continuous tape and the fending heads are merged from a respective dispenser. The tape is guided around the material to be bounded, cut off, the fuser head is fed and connected to the tape. In the production of the continuous belts, it is essential that the “width” and “height” of the cable tie tape as well as the “tooth division” are checked in parallel and permanently.

These sizes are crucial to ensure a consistently good and reliable binding result. In order to ensure the quality and uniformity of the production, it is therefore of great importance to control these parameters of the product throughout.

For this purpose, HellermannTyton GmbH in Tornesch relies on a solution from ISW GmbH with sensors from Micro Epsilon for the control of the parameters.