Task definition: Serialization of folding box blanks

The EU has responded to the increasing number of cases of counterfeit drugs with the Track & Trace Directive, which attaches great importance to complete traceability through unambiguous labelling. Among many others, this is another important reason for pharmaceutical companies to implement the necessary measures for complete traceability as quickly as possible. Counterfeit and thus incorrectly labelled medicines endanger consumers and the image of manufacturers and can even result in high financial losses.


The interplay of the ISW DMC Track & Trace Solution developed by ISW and the KBA uda formaxx serves to serialize folding box blanks for packaging pharmaceutical products.

The correctness of the applied data as well as their quality is guaranteed by a camera system. Folding box blanks are automatically stacked from a magazine by a conveyor belt and transported through the system. The belt speed can be set individually in the operating software.

The folding box blanks can be printed in a wide range of dimensions. Necessary settings on the removal magazines and transport devices can be made conveniently via hardware and software.

The unit ensures the timely recognition of undermixes by training and reading the machine-readable codes (DMC, Pharmacode, …) applied to the folding boxes.

Print heads and camera are mounted in the transport path and can be positioned separately in height and distance. NIO parts are detected by the camera software, the conveyor belt stops and the missing parts can be removed manually.

The software kernel specially developed by ISW GmbH controls the production process via software modules, sensors and actuators. Powerful software with many intuitive settings ensures the best possible adaptation to the conditions of the respective product.

Customer benefits:

The customer not only complies with the Track & Trace guideline, but also has the certainty that only correctly printed and legible products will enter the market. The systems are used in many different ways in the pharmaceutical industry.