Fresh bakery products – quality on the production line


Fresh baked goods must meet high quality standards. To ensure that the rolls are available to the retailer in large quantities, high quality and defined quantities within a short period of time, speed is of the essence.


Together with the West Coast University of Applied Sciences (FHW), ISW has developed a real-time image processing system that meets all requirements. A line scan camera mounted above the conveyor belt detects and sorts the rolls using image processing algorithms so that they can be grouped and counted for subsequent packaging.
The lighting is crucial here, because only with a high-contrast image can the sorting process function without errors. More than 100,000 buns pass through the optical and thus contact-free quality control every hour.

In addition to the criteria of speed and detection reliability, compliance with hygienic standards, variability in terms of product variety and, of course, costs also play a role.