Pharmacological active ingredients are packaged in ampoules for clinical applications after production. These are marked with labels regarding the ingredients and the production data. After the labels have been applied, a total of 47 characters, extending over 4 lines, must be used to check the clear text marking. The aim is to find a system that realizes the complete test at a throughput of 30 ampoules per second.


With the PC-based image processing system Visionscape from Microscan, the high-speed application for plain text reading could be implemented. The camera with flash lighting is installed directly after the label application station in the fully automatic filling line. In order to minimize motion blur during recording in the high-speed process, the necessary exposure conditions are created for a few milliseconds with each ampoule by means of a high-energy flash. The image acquisition cycle of the camera is synchronized with the flash illumination so that the short exposure time is sufficient for one shot. Within 30 ms, the label imprint is compared with the specifications and, if there is no match, a signal is transmitted to the machine to eject the ampoule with an incorrect imprint.

Customer benefit:

Thanks to the powerful image processing system, inline inspection is also possible at very high production speeds. Packaging directly after filling and labelling is possible without further delays.