Line Site Server, Red Box Solution

In ISW’s Track & Trace-concept, the “Red Box Solution” as a Line Site Server is the central unit for

  • Creation and management of orders,
  • Serial number assignment and management,
  • Management of number sequences,
  • Management of user rights on the lines.

The system communicates with the ERP’s at the production sites, as if necessary also with the ERP of the Group, e.g. when certain rights are assigned centrally or number sequences are also hosted centrally.

The system is a software solution that is implemented on the customer’s IT systems. The Red Box distributes orders, communicates with the production lines via the master line controllers and monitors their status. This is reported back to the ERP systems. For a defined group of people, there are right-handed lyrised possibilities to make settings, create orders, etc.via a web browser-based user interface.