Example 1: Quality inspection of rear axle mounting

A solution that ISW implemented for an automobile manufacturer at two locations. The task of the test bench is the type-exact and error-free simultaneous detection of both brake discs and the rotating rod on the axle. This avoids confusion with similar components and the risk of delivery of non-functional components (keywords: liability and recall). The plants have been running in 24/7 shifts since 2006, to the full satisfaction of the customer.

Example 2: Pipe end inspection brake pipe
Brake lines in modern vehicles are subjected to high pressure. Accordingly, it is essential to meet the highest quality requirements in the manufacture of pipelines and to guarantee application safety through optimum products. For this purpose, a control of the flanging of pipelines was developed for an automotive supplier in order to ensure the best possible quality especially at this critical point. The system checks the dimension, contour and roundness of the flanging and can transmit an assignable IO/NIO message to the production control for each marked pipe in order to sort out missing parts. Since installation, the system has been running in shifts to the full satisfaction of the customer.