Mobile Robotics: intelligent, driverless transport system

Robot-assisted activities are rapidly increasing in scope and importance. ISW GmbH has also been dealing with the topic for some time and has developed a number of systems that use the reliability and precision of robots. Some of them can be seen in this section, others are currently in completion and will be presented here in the near future.

In addition to the support of robot-assisted systems for placement and high-precision positioning for demanding measurements, the application area for mobile, autonomous robotics is currently growing rapidly. Reason enough for the ISW to deal with this intensively. That is why we present a mobile and modular system of our development partner Omron Electronics GmbH (see also the videos on the left): LD.

OMRON mobile robots are fully autonomous intelligent vehicles that increase throughput, reduce machine downtime, avoid errors, improve material traceability, and ensure that employees focus on tasks that require complex human skills.
In contrast to conventional driverless transport systems, our mobile robots orientate themselves on the spatial conditions of the system and do not require costly modifications.

– No pre-programming of the paths required
– Autonomous mapping on-board PC
– Quick installation
– Mobile robot in the ESD version for transporting electronic parts
– Easy interaction with the tablet through the updated MobilePlanner

Here is the information of the manufacturer:


The LD is an intelligent driverless transport system with a payload of up to 90 kg. Thanks to the integrated navigation and motion control as well as software that ensures automatic map generation and routing, the mobile Omron robots navigate within a defined working area absolutely autonomously and safely. You don’t need any special infrastructure to do this. No matter what industry you’re in, the easy-to-use MobilePlanner configuration software makes a variety of applications in the areas of production, logistics and automation easy and can be implemented in the shortest possible time.

LD Cart Transporter

The LD Cart Transporter is an intelligent driverless transport system with a payload of 130 kg, which transports small, movable wagons to a pick-up and unloading position. The versatile applications include replenishment of stocks, moving through-shelf racks, transporting unfinished products between the individual work steps and transporting finished goods to the warehouse. The LD Cart Transporter has a navigation that enables autonomous railway detection within the system. No changes to the infrastructure are necessary. The LD Cart Transporter is also reliable for existing door elements and busy corridors, as its sensors allow it to perceive people as well as forklifts as well as other objects in its orbit.

With these systems, it is possible to optimize the workflow:

  • Flexible
  • Efficient
  • Sure
  • Scalable
  • Stable

Productivity gains can be achieved in many industries:

  • Automotive
  • digital
  • Logistics
  • Consumer goods
  • Food and hotel industry
  • Medicine

The systems operate safely and comply with all current safety specifications and standards (ISO 12100, ISO 14121-2, ISO 13849-1, IEC 61010 (battery), IEC 60950 (battery), EN 1525, ANSI B 56.5 Part 3, JIS D 6802, IEC60204).

Suitable software solutions make it easy to adapt to a wide range of requirements:

  • Enterprise Manager:
    • The Enterprise Manager is the central interface for every fleet application of our mobile robots. It manages a heterogeneous fleet of up to 100 vehicles and optimizes order management, traffic flow and robot charging status.
  • Transfer order (job) assignment:
    • Distributed across several mobile robots by choosing the best vehicle for the job.
  • Traffic control:
    • Optimizes the traffic flow of vehicles.
  • Communication:
    • Singular interface for integration with third-party systems (MES, WMS, ERP, etc.)
  • MobilePlanner:
    • PC-based user interface for managing robots or fleets.

If you can imagine using such systems in connection with your automation topics and image processing, please contact us!

Together we will find the optimal solution!