Precise measurement of manufacturing parameters on convertible tops

Fabric-covered convertible tops are high-precision components of a corresponding vehicle. In addition to providing protection from wind and weather, they also perform static tasks by supporting the torsional rigidity of the vehicle when closed. To ensure this, the production of these components must meet the highest standards. For this reason, a manufacturer of convertible tops turned to ISW GmbH to have a large number of product parameters on its tops measured automatically and contactlessly with high precision in a single operation.

For this purpose, ISW and its partner company Keller Feinwerktechnik developed a large-format measuring cell that was equipped with a programmable and controllable robot arm. This carries a 3D sensor from ISW partner Wenglor, which, equipped with fringe light projection and a high-resolution camera, takes over the measuring tasks.

The robot is controlled and the images obtained are evaluated by software programmed by ISW.

All this is done at high speed and with maximum precision – appropriate to the quality level of the product.

In the adjacent video you can see the system in action.

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