A manual aggregation station for the standard-compliant aggregation of pharmaceutical packaging from the folding box to the pallet.

Mode of operation:

Finished bundles (number of boxes joined to form a unit) are scanned by a camera located under a cover. For bundles of different sizes, there are passe-partouts that cover the unused area of the glass plate to ensure optimal results.

The image capture of the bundle is triggered by a foot switch located on the system. This “marries” the individual packages into a bundle. If the image is correct, a label with a corresponding serial number for the bundle is printed by the printer and checked for print quality by a scanner. Incorrect printing results in an error message and requires the label to be reprinted or the old bundle label to be destroyed. Correctly captured and labelled bundles are packed into cartons in the next step. To do this, they are placed on the machine’s rocker. For each combination of pack size and carton, there are packing schemes that are stored in the system and retrieved for the order. When one level of the carton is filled, the rocker is folded into the horizontal position. After folding up, the rocker locks automatically for a short time.

At the same time, a camera at the top reads the codes on the labels. If the carton is filled according to the packing scheme, the system prints a label on the middle printer that summarises the entire contents of the carton in a code. At the same time, the system locks the rocker so that the operator can pull the carton off the table over a horizontal surface. The corresponding data is linked to this code in the system, so that it is possible to track which packages can be found in which carton at any time. The printed label is stuck onto the carton and checked by another scanner. The holding magnet keeps the rocker in a horizontal position until the carton has been removed in the direction of the pallet. Then the holder can be released manually by pressing the top button of the panel.

Filled and labelled cartons are closed and stacked on the next packing level, the pallet. Here, too, there are packing schemes depending on the carton sizes. If the pallet is also filled according to the scheme, all the labels of the cartons on the pallet are captured with a hand scanner. The third label printer prints out a label for the entire pallet contents after the filling quantity has been reached according to the packing scheme. This must be stuck on the pallet and recorded with the hand scanner to complete the aggregation.