Shopping is still possible …

… and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who work at the cash registers, at the shelf and take on increased risks in customer contact every day.

Companies are, of course, taking a number of measures to increase the protection of employees. Distance guards, transparent spit screens and much more can be seen.

This reduces the risk of infection, but significantly increases the likelihood of missing goods being overlooked (or even seen) in the shopping cart and thus of course also taking financial damage.

ISW GmbH offers a solution for this: the Bottom of Basket Agent, in short: BOBA. A camera that can be easily integrated into the POS checkout terminal checks whether goods are still in the car in accordance with data protection and reports this via image and colour coding directly in the checkout display. If goods have been detected, the payment process can only be initiated if the forgotten goods have also been scanned.

A secure and easy-to-integrate system that securely prevents increased losses.

More information, videos and pictures can be found here:

Stay healthy!