We have something against counterfeit medicines …

… is the title of an invitation to an online seminar of the ISW partner MiniTec GmbH & Co KG. Together with ISW GmbH, the company organizes

on February 16, 2022 from 3 – 4 pm

this seminar. Interested parties can register at www.minitec.de/pharma-seminar. Further details can be found on the attached pdf.

In connection with the topic “Security against counterfeit medicines”, MiniTec has also published an article about the PALC (Package Aggregation Line Controller) unit of ISW GmbH (Connect 2021 – 02, pp. 20 and 21). You can read the article here or view it under the heading “Publications”.

Furthermore, in the same magazine, in the issue 2021 – 04, an article was published on the IPAC (Inline Print and Control) unit, a compact system for (batch) marking and ensuring traceability, used here for pharmaceutical vials (drug bottles). You can also read this article here or view it under the heading “Publications”.

Many activities for an important topic that is becoming even more important, especially in the current pandemic time!