We test everything and everyone …

… even in these times a pun is allowed!

However, we are not talking about the numerous testing and inspection tasks that ISW products do, but about the Corona quick tests that are now regularly carried out at the beginning and end of the week at ISW. All employees are now offered a self-test twice a week. Visitors whose concerns cannot be dealt with in any other way must undergo a quick test. The following

Note to our visitors:

Visitors will be advised of the test to be conducted in-house at ISW prior to their appointment. Test kits for visitors will be handed out by the reception staff accordingly upon entry. ISW staff will be available to explain the procedure, but the visitor is responsible for carrying out the test himself.
Alternatively, the guest can present a test certificate that is not older than 48 hours and is negative.

In case of a positive test result of a quick test, the guest is asked to go back to his or her location immediately and to arrange a new appointment with ISW GmbH after clarification of the Corona situation.